Summer Book Hunts: Your Hometown Could Be A Treasure Trove

Archaeology of books

If you are a rare book collector you have to love summer at least a little. There are so many more opportunities to treasure hunt for old and interesting books. I don’t know about you, but where I live yard sales, flea markets, and outdoor book sales are everywhere. And even though, yes, most of the time I don’t find anything particularly rare or old, there is that small percentage of times when I score something juicy. That’s what keeps it interesting and fun. Because hey… you just never know what you might find for mere pennies on the dollar.

For instance, I recently found a 1912 copy of The Brothers Kamarazov by Dostoevsky in very nice shape at an outdoor flea market for $2. A few weeks later I dug through a deep box of mostly tattered mass market paperbacks and plucked from the depths an autographed copy of James Earl Jones memoir Voices And Silences for a mere quarter. Not an old book, but still… an interesting find. And yes, after careful comparison I’m convinced that it is an authentic signature. Again, not an entirely rare or valuable book, but I was pretty stoked just the same; I mean… this is after all Darth Vader were talking about here.

What’s in your hometown? If you’ve had some interesting finds or stories you’d like to share I’d love for you to leave a comment below.

Happy hunting.


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